In the past, Government officials have always manipulated and altered any type of information regarding our Extraterrestrial Family. Keeping us tied down to a low vibration where they can control everybody by instigating Fear.

There are still people out there that don't want to accept the truth; that simply planet earth is not 5 billion years old, as a matter of fact, it's older than that. To those souls that don't want to acknowledge facts we are holding your space for when you awake, because we love you no matter what.

There are great people in the world that spend most of their time and energy releasing vital information about ET Life to the masses, but with the help of each and everyone of you the message can spread like wild fire.

For those of you who don't know, Dr. Steven Greer is the founder of The Disclosure Project, their mission is to bring forward the truth and disclose all the conspiracies regarding UFOs and ETs. We happen to have a recording that was done on Tuesday May 15th, 2012 (Link below).

There's another recording that was done back in 1994, where an Anonymous person talks about how contact was made possible with Beings that are foreign to this planet. Explaining how these beings interact, their purpose, and much more.

Also, there's The Thrive Movement, Foster Gamble has put up a great documentary revealing important information that must go viral. This documentary proves all conspiracies regarding world domination and New World Order to be TRUE.

You can find the links for its respective subject under the description box. Make sure to share with everyone you can so that we can experience this new age, the Age of Aquarius, with Love.

There are Dark Forces at work in every country. Some are considerably worse than others. What you are told and what actually is happening are poles apart. Watch the charades of politicians, all pretending to be in power, when they are mere puppets, obeying orders. It is hard to believe that the lies have survived for so long. They are carefully preserved and reinforced, when necessary, to keep you all in your place. The same parasitic elite operates today as it did in ancient times.
It is difficult to understand how so-called human beings could inflict such suffering on others. Mind-control was used then and is still used to this day to control humanity. It was perfected in the Third Reich. Those in power have worked with the Greys for many years.

This cannot be allowed to continue. We cannot stand by and see humanity disappear from the Earth. All it will take is for all of you to say, "NO. I no longer comply with your orders. I will not kill my fellow human beings, just on your say so."
But not to worry about, for there are thousands and thousands of ships out there blending with the clouds, if you type in YouTube UFO latest video, or an actual date, could be recent or not, and you will find over hundreds of videos all over the world about UFOs or ETs. The fact is that they are here, they've always been here, and they never left us.

Understand that these beings are in a much higher vibration, capable of travelling inter-dimensions and through the vastness of space, our vibration is low; therefore we are stuck in a 3rd dimension; but, with the event of the Solar Eclipse. This event in itself is remarkable for it brings the increasingly powerful energies of both the Great Central Sun and those of our Earth Sun; However, what is additionally important are the preparations to be in One-ness which have been broadcast throughout the World, and the responses of those who committed to be in the joining of this! Yes, there are many who have engaged in loving and joyful Exercises of welcoming the energies, and there are many more who have 'waked up' as a result!!!

You know, dear brothers and sisters, nothing happens by chance. The people who are coming into your life, now, are coming to complete the picture. Some are connecting from past lives. This is why you know them already, though you have only just met. These connections continue through all your lives.

So, what a wonderful time to be alive, greetings, Beloved Family! We shall be enjoying an even higher celebration of One-ness when we next gather, for there shall indeed be a new level of Dimensional highness and connections all over Planet Earth!!! Yes, there are so many things occurring in this moment, and these events are exponentially more powerful than those before, so that the resulting awakenings are increasing magnificently!

We are Anonymous,
You should've expected us.

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